Tips to Stay Healthy In Severely Unhealthy Air Conditions

This past week has been hard on us all with the threat of fires nearby.  On top of that, historic wind patterns have covered much of western Oregon from California to Washington borders with thick, dense smoke.  Combined, these unhealthy air conditions have caused enormous stress, anxiety, and possibly physical damage to our bodies.  Here are a few tips from our staff at Organic Elements Spa about how you can stay healthy during this time:

  1. Monitor air quality. It’s easy to just look outside our windows and see how clear (or how smoky) the air is.  However, checking a website like the Environmental Protection Agency’s AirNow site will provide you with real-time data about unhealthy air quality in your area.
  2. unhealthy air quality detoxifying treatmentKeep your skin clean and moisturized. Smoky air is filled with harmful particulates.  It’s important to get these chemicals off your body.  Wash your face and skin regularly and apply moisturizer liberally.  Using a quality nighttime moisturizer such as our Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment will enhance your skin tone with hydrating lotus, potent microgreens, and moisturizing melt-in jojoba oil spheres while it defends against drying environmental stressors.
  3. Hydrate. Dry, smoky air dehydrates our bodies leaving our skin and lips dry, our eyes tired, and our lungs straining.  Drink more water than usual to compensate for these dry conditions.  Some teas, such as peppermint, lobelia, and lungwort are natural decongestants to help clear out your lungs and relax your respiratory tract.  Our Eminence Cucumber Eye Gel is perfect to provide cooling relief to the skin around the eye and to reduce the appearance of puffiness.
  4. Wear sunscreen. Even though the smoke is making it seem darker outside, it’s not preventing harmful UV rays from the sun from entering our atmosphere.  Continue wearing quality skincare products containing SPF protection.  Our staff can help recommend the right product for your skin type and tone, such as our MD Solar Sciences Light-Medium Mineral BB Crème with SPF 50.
  5. Stay Inside. When the air quality levels are above 200, try to stay indoors as much as possible.  Seal off doors and windows and if available, use an air filtration device with a HEPA filter.  This may be the perfect time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy one of our Heat Treats Neck & Back Warmers.

All of us at Organic Elements Spa hope you and your family are safe and sound.