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Girls face with half healthy and half itchy, dry skin. Best Spa Treatment for Dry Skin

Your Guide to the Best Spa Treatment for Dry Skin

With winter in full swing, it’s natural to feel your skin changing texture and even color. The change of seasons often brings changes in your body, and since your skin is exposed to so many varying environments it can easily become stressed. Your steamy morning shower, the chilling wind outdoors, your car heater on full… Read More
Woman in warm clothing stretching arms on beach against new year new you

This Is a New Year for a New You 

If one of your New Year’s Day resolutions was to take better care of yourself, then you should visit a spa where you can relax, socialize and receive pampering treatments from a professional aesthetician. There are many ways that you can make improvements to your body and face this year. We recommend beginning with a… Read More

How to Make Body Waxing Less Painful

Many people think body waxing is a recipe for a painful nightmare, but with the right care, it can be a luxurious spa experience. If fear of pain has made you reluctant to get a body wax, we have a few tips that can help make the process much easier. 1-Take A Painkiller Before Body… Read More

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