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What’s the difference between a serum and an oil, and which is best

What’s the difference between a serum and an oil, and which is best?

Today, a glance through your favorite magazine or visit to the drugstore will reveal many different products designed to improve a variety of skin conditions.  Mainstream media is filled with advertisements for serums and oils to address skin concerns.  All of this information can be overwhelming and confusing.  Here’s a simple explanation to explain what… Read More

Pamper Your Eyes with these Simple Eye Care Tips

If you suffer from dark circles, fine lines, or puffiness, your eyes are not alone.  Many people share these common eye area issues.  Eye area issues can result from genetics, exposure to UV rays, external stressors, or other lifestyle choices.  If you want to rejuvenate the skin around your eyes and achieve a healthier, more… Read More

The Truth Behind the Facial Mask

Whether you call them masks or masques, a regular facial mask is a great way to supplement your skincare routine and add a little extra rest and relaxation to your day.  Today, masks are specially designed to address various skin concerns such as dryness, large pores, and acne. Why mask? Social media is flooded with… Read More

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