Is Your Face Prepared For the Summer Sun?

The sun has returned!  Southern Oregon has enjoyed an average temperature of nearly 82 °F so far in June, and that means its time to make sure you are stocked up with proper protection from the sun.  Our staff at Organic Elements Spa is ready to help you prepare for summer fun!

Before you head out for a day at the park, did you know the sun’s rays could damage your skin in 15 minutes or less?  While too much sun may lead to scorching sunburn, ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can penetrate your eyes and skin to cause even more extensive damage.

According to the CDC, there are a number of ways you can protect your skin during sunny weather:

  1. Find some shade! Getting out of the sun’s rays is a great way to avoid excessive sun and the skin damage that comes with it.
  2. Wear clothing that covers your skin! Light-colored lightweight clothing will keep the sun’s rays from reaching your skin and will keep you a bit cooler, too!  If possible, add a hat to your outfit that adds shade to your face and the back of your neck.
  3. Don’t forget your sunglasses! The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your eyes, too.  Choose quality sunglasses with UVA and UVB ray protection.
  4. Apply sunscreen! The CDC recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin.  Don’t forget to check the expiration date—typical sunscreen products have a shelf life of three years or less.

Is your makeup adding to the protection of your skin?

Sun Defense MineralsOur Eminence Sun Defense Minerals collection will help block the sun’s rays from your skin while enhancing your natural skin tone.   Add a light layer of color coverage and hide blemishes or discolorations with Sun Defense Minerals.

This tinted powder provides water-resistant SPF 30 sun protection for women and men alike.  Better yet, Sun Defense Minerals are hypoallergenic and will not clog your pores.  Choose the tone that’s best for you:  Translucent, Honey Apple, Cherries and Berries, or Peaches and Cream.

Our Eminence Skin Care line, including the Sun Defense Mineral collection, contains only the highest quality ingredients including minerals and micronized zinc oxide.  Relax knowing your skincare regimen is organic, natural, sustainable, cruelty-free, and contains Biodynamic® ingredients.

Organic Elements Spa is open for you both in-person and on your computer.  To get started building your healthy summer skincare regimen, stop by and visit us at Organic Elements Spa in Medford or enjoy shopping our Online Spa Boutique.