Serum vs moisturizer

facial-serum-skin-careThe biggest difference between serums, moisturizers and creams is the size of the molecules, and they make different kinds for every skincare need, from oily, dry, anti aging ect. Many people often get confused about the differences between a skin care cream and a facial serum. You may think that these two approaches sound very similar, but they are quite different in many ways. A serum does the most correcting of problems for the skin and gets the nutrients into deeper layers of the skin that a cream is unable to reach and a cream does the most hydrating.

Serums have the smallest molecules, are highly concentrated and extremely potent. They contain around from 10-15 times more of the active ingredients than skin care creams. The facial serum’s ability to reach deep layers of the skin and deliver a high level of active ingredients means it can help battle many common beauty complaints. Serums are the powerhouse of correcting damage in the skin.

A lotion has bigger molecules than a serum but smaller than a cream. They are mostly for hydration. A facial cream has the biggest molecules and is one that is used cosmetically for softening and cleaning the skin. And are used mostly to hydrate and protect the surface layer of the skin but may not contain active ingredients to address specific skin concerns.

When layering different beauty products such as serums lotions and creams, you always use the thinnest consistency first then up to the thickest. If your skin is still producing oil then a serum can do great things on its own for your skin, if not layering a serum with a moisturizer or cream would be needed. You don’t always need both, so always consider your skin type when choosing products, or consult with a skincare professional.Sidead2