Blotchy Skin

Does Blotchy Skin Have You Red in the Face?

It’s more common than you think, but when it happens, we want to hide away. We’re referring to skin redness. If you’ve ever dealt with a blotchy complexion that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, it can be a frustrating issue. Most of us aren’t really sure how to handle it. First, you have to determine where the redness is coming from.

Skin Redness Means InflammationSkincare experts will tell you that small patches of redness are little warning signs from your skin cells. Joshua Zeichner, M.D., the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, says that the redness means there is inflammation at the site.

Zeichner says that your “blood is rushing in to try to heal it.”

There are three common conditions that cause your skin to react and become blotchy.

Blotchy SkinRosacea, Leading Cause of Skin Redness

More than 14 million women and men suffer from rosacea in the United States alone. Most are between the ages of 30 and 50. Famous people who have the condition include Renee Zellweger, former President Bill Clinton, Prince William, and Cameron Diaz.

Rosacea causes redness of the skin usually around the nose and cheeks. It affects mostly fair-conditioned complexions, and scientists are not sure why it occurs.

Rosacea can also worsen and include visible blood vessels, acne-like breakouts, and bumpy skin texture.

Sensitive Skin Type Is Another Reason

All complexions are unique, and if you have sensitive skin, then your face does not always agree with the topical application of cosmetics and personal care products. Even something as simple as a cleanser’s fragrance can cause your skin to erupt.

Also, physical exfoliation as in scrubbing can create an inflamed reaction on sensitive skin types.

Skincare specialists often recommend a switch to cleansers and moisturizers with ingredients that can shore up your delicate skin barrier.

Skin Allergies Can Also Wreak Havoc

Something as normal as environmental factors can create ruddy complexions. Wind or extreme weather conditions can cause red patches to develop. There is also pollution in your city or town, and during pollen season, these allergens can affect inflammation of the complexion.

Other potential triggers can include chemical irritants like soaps. Even fabrics like wool can cause the condition.

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If you’re frustrated by a blotchy skin complexion, you’re not alone. Allow our friendly skincare professionals to evaluate your complexion and develop a personalized treatment approach.

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