synergie massage

What is Synergie Massage?

synergie massageHave you heard of Synergie Massage? It isn’t something you would get in your traditional spa day appointment. This special type of massage uses vacuum technology and varying amounts of pressure to deliver a truly unique experience. Did we scare you when we mentioned vacuum technology? There is no need to be scared! This technique originated in Europe in the 1980s and has been around ever since.

What are the Benefits?
The major benefit from a Synergie Massage is that it will help with cellulite. The vacuum technology works the skin to break up cellulite so that it can eventually disappear from the body. Unfortunately, your cellulite won’t be gone after the first visit, so follow-up appointments will be necessary. However, after four or five appointments you will begin to see changes in your skin. Those who stuck with treatments have also seen a loss in inches of their body! Just remember that everyone’s body reacts differently so your experience may be different than others.

Does it Hurt?
We know what you are thinking. Will this hurt? The quick answer is no! People who have had this massage compare it to a deep tissue massage. Some people even fall asleep during the massage. If at any time you would be uncomfortable, you can always tell your massage therapist who can answer your questions and make adjustments to help you enjoy the experience.

How Often Can I do it?
This sounds awesome, right? Get rid of cellulite in the form of a pain-free massage! Since this massage is not invasive in any way, there really isn’t a set schedule that you have to follow. The treatment plan that a lot of people follow consists of two visits once a week for about two months. This can, of course, vary if you are not seeing the results that you are hoping for at the two-month period.

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What are you waiting for? If you are in the downtown Medford Oregon area, you can book your appointment today. At Organic Elements Med Spa you will receive the best treatment possible. Even though you will be working on reducing cellulite, you will be relaxing in one of our private massage rooms. While you are there, check out Club Oasis where you can experience a Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room, Cold Plunge, or the Tea Lounge, just to name a few of the services offered.