What Causes Acne?

At our spa, we offer a variety of treatments for body or facial blemishes. These skin problems tend to begin during adolescence but may continue throughout adulthood. These are the reasons why people have blemishes, including:

  • Genetics – blemished skin is often inherited from one or both parents
  • Hormones – growth hormones often affect the skin
  • Diet – lack of nutrients lead to poor skin health
  • Dehydration – moisture in the skin helps it to heal
  • Grime – working or living in a dirty environment
  • Stress – anxiety causes a release of cortisol
  • Poor cleansing – using the wrong methods to cleanse the skin
  • Contamination – touching the face with dirty hands or other items
  • Medications – oral contraceptives or other medications can lead to blemishes
  • Shaving – shaving hair from the face and body can lead to ingrown hairs and pimples
  • Pregnancy – pregnancy can lead to having pimples
  • Allergies – allergies to foods or skin care products can irritate the skin
  • Chronic conditions – conditions such as rosacea

If you have acne, then it is likely due to several reasons, and those reasons can change over several months. While you might associate blemishes with oily skin that often occurs during the teenage years, it is possible to have pimples when you have normal, dry or sensitive skin. In addition, females may have problems with blemishes during perimenopause or after menopause.

How Can an Aesthetician Reduce Acne with Spa Treatments?

While it is important for you to care for your skin properly at home to eliminate and prevent blemishes, a local medical spa has experts who can provide professional treatments for your skin along with giving you wonderful advice about better skin care. An aesthetician can examine your skin to understand what causes acne on your body or face so that you can improve the condition of your skin as quickly as possible. At our medical spa, we offer facial and body treatments for the skin that can improve its appearance by eliminating inflamed papules that can cause permanent scars. There are several treatments that are offered for acne-prone skin, including:

  • Deep cleansing – lifting the sebum and dried skin cells from the skin’s pores
  • Exfoliation – rubbing the skin with rough tools or tiny granules
  • Body or facial masks – application of clay, mud or herbs to lift toxins from the skin
  • Extraction – using small tools to remove blackheads from the skin’s pores
  • Microdermabrasion – blasting tiny granules on the skin to remove its top layer
  • Steam treatments – applications of steam to soothe inflamed skin
  • Moisturizing – applying emollients on the body or facial skin
  • Hair removal – proper hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Body wraps – total body wraps to lift toxins from the skin to eliminate blemishes

For additional information about our spa’s acne treatments, contact Organic Elements Spa today in Medford, Oregon.