Teenage Acne Got You Down?

School pictures are scheduled.  You woke up this morning and acne has reared its ugly head.  All you can think about is your yearbook picture.  It’s going to haunt you for years to come.  Do you have enough makeup in your arsenal to cover up acne?

The good news is acne can be alleviated over time.

By using natural organic skin care, following a healthy diet, introducing a regular exercise program, drinking plenty of water and using makeup sparingly, you’re on the road to winning the acne battle.

Before you go to the drug store and reach for oil reducing face wash, consider knowing what you are putting on your face. Our skin needs natural oils to protect itself.  Your skin is your largest organ, what you apply to it is going directly into your body.  Look at the first five ingredients on the back of the bottle. Sodium lauryl sulfate sound familiar? This chemical isn’t just in products in the beauty aisle. It is also in car washes, garage floor cleaners, and even engine degreasers! Choosing Organic skin care is one of the best things you can do for your body. Organic means; safe, free of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and free of household cleaning chemicals. Foundation and concealers can clog your pores causing more of an acne breakout.  It’s just as important to choose an organic non-comedogenic mineral makeup that will help the complexion and appear flawless.

Following a healthy diet and implementing a regular exercise program is just as important as your skin care routine.

Foods like white bread, sugar, processed cereals, potato chips, cakes, and cookies (All of the foods teenagers reach for) trigger hormonal fluctuations, insulin, and inflammation.  Choosing low glycemic-index foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and healthy protein sources can prevent and even improve acne prone skin.

Drinking plenty of water and a regular exercise program can reduce acne.  Physical activity such as walking or going to the gym helps to rid waste by increasing blood circulation. Exercise reduces stress, therefore reducing acne. Keep in mind; sweat can also lead to breakouts. Acne flare ups often occur as a result from increased cortisol that triggers your oil glands to go into overproduction.  It’s important to care for your skin immediately after a workout and always sanitize exercise community machines with antibacterial wipes before using.

It’s a fact most teenagers will experience acne and breakouts at some point during their teen years. It’s important for them to care for their skin, and learn the importance of a healthy skin care routine.  Now is the time to improve their skin and prevent the damage of summer sun, to clear and prevent teen acne and breakouts.  For a one on one consultation call Organic Elements Spa today.  Organic Elements is located in downtown Medford and offers a full line of skincare for you or your teen’s needs.