sunscreen every day

Why You Might Want to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Did you know harmful UV radiation from the sun could actually be stronger on a cloudy day?  It doesn’t seem logical but it’s true.  While complete cloud cover on an extremely overcast day can block the UV rays, the opposite happens on a partly cloudy day.  When clouds are broken up allowing some sun to come through, the clouds can amplify the radiation increasing your exposure by up to 25% more than on a clear day.

Another component that contributes to increased exposure to UV rays is altitude.  The ozone layer is thinner the higher above sea level you go, with noticeable impact starting at even a few thousand feet.  This means that even if you don’t live in a high altitude zone like Denver, Colorado, your skin receives greater exposure on a recreational hike in the mountains or from a day on the ski slopes.

Lastly, don’t assume you can wait until the warmth of summer returns before you worry about sun protection.  While UV rays do intensify as the earth rotates and we become closer to the sun, there’s a considerable amount of UV rays reaching us during all seasons.  In cooler months, light rays are reflected by water like rain or snow, which amplifies its strength.

How does UV Radiation Harm Your Skin?

UV (ultraviolet) rays are electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun.  There are two types:  UV-A and UV-B.  UV-B rays are stronger, cause sunburn, and are responsible for skin cancers including malignant melanoma.  UV-A rays also contribute to skin cancer but not quite as significantly.  UV-A rays go deep into your skin and are responsible for causing premature skin aging.  In fact, 90% of the visual signs of aging in our skin are due to UV exposure, including thick, leathery skin; discoloration; and lines, sagging, and wrinkles.  UV-A rays are believed to be 500 times more prevalent in the atmosphere than UV-B rays.

Sunscreen Every Day

With that knowledge under your belt, it becomes more apparent that the need to wear good sunscreen isn’t limited to sunny, warm weather but should be a part of our skincare routine: sunscreen every day.  The American Cancer Association recommends using products containing SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or more.

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