summer skin

Prepare Your Summer Skin with These Spa Treatments

Summer’s coming…..are you ready? Is your summer skin ready? Will you be glowing from head to toe when the heat is on, or will you be clamoring for shade, long sleeves and a big floppy hat because you failed to prepare?

After a long and harsh winter, it is important to give yourself and your skin a tune-up so that you are ready to wear less and strut your stuff more. Summer skin should be soft, supple, and glowing with vibrant health. Consider booking one of these spa treatments to get yourself into tip-top shape for summer.

Get a Sugar or Salt Scrub

summer skinAn exfoliating scrub treatment is like a facial for your whole body. Not only does it exfoliate and remove dead skin and other impurities, but it also leaves your skin fresh, healthy, and glowing. The best body scrubs are comprised of a scrubbing agent, such as salt or sugar, and rich botanicals designed to nourish and rebuild skin. If desired, you can add essential oils to your scrub to enhance the overall experience.

Scrubs are usually followed by a deep moisturizing treatment designed to bring out the beauty of underlying skin. You may even want to combine the scrub experience with a deep massage to exfoliate skin, subcutaneous material, and muscles.

Treat Yourself to a Body Wrap

Body wraps are done in spa environments for different reasons. Detoxing wraps are designed to pull out harmful toxins through the skin, while slimming wraps are worn to reduce water weight and lose a few pounds quickly. Hydrating and moisturizing body wraps treat and nourish the skin, aiding in treating different skin conditions. Whatever your reasons for wanting to experience a body wrap, you can expect some of the same things to occur. Wraps are usually preceded by a scrub to slough off dead skin cells and leave fresh and healthy skin exposed for treatment. You are then wrapped from collarbone to ankles in the type of material appropriate for your desired treatment. Wraps are usually warmed to a temperature to allow for mild detoxification of your skin.

After the treatment has been completed, it is necessary to cleanse, dry and moisturize the skin to wash off any harmful toxins and chemicals that may have transferred during the wrapping process. As a bonus, some wraps end with a massage to stimulate blood flow and promote relaxation and well-being. Body wraps are a great way to take care of the total body.

When in Doubt, a Massage is in Order

A massage is a beautiful way to treat yourself to total body care. Not only does a massage relieve minor aches and pains, but it can also promote overall stress reduction and relief and start a gentle process of detoxification throughout your entire body. Regular visits to your massage therapist will also improve your posture, as muscles that would usually be pulled out of alignment are relaxed and brought back into balance. A massage is a total wellness treat for mind and body.

No matter what your treatment of choice, it is essential to remember that you are worth the investment. A trip to the spa to reveal your summer skin is a great way to start of this sizzling season. Let the fun begin!