spring beauty makeover - beautiful happy brunette woman in the park on a warm summer day

Spring Cleaning: A Beauty Makeover

With Spring comes a new opportunity for a beauty makeover. New vibrant colors, fragrant flowers, and bright skies encourage us to shake off the dust from our wardrobes, makeup routines, and general beauty guidelines.

Evaluate Your Beauty Routine

Spring cleaning inspires us to look for something new in life. As flowers bloom we begin to see ourselves as being refreshed and in bloom. A new routine or beauty makeover may even motivate us to try something new and daringly bold with our lives.

Beauty routines can quickly become stagnant but since it is something we are used to, we do not make the necessary changes and our skin can suffer as a result. Refreshing an existing routine can be as simple as taking a quick inventory of products you currently use and then making a determination if they are meeting your skincare needs. Start with small steps and make a mental note of products you use every day.

Is your moisturizer age appropriate? Do you have products that provide adequate protection from potentially harmful ultraviolet sun rays? What other products do you utilize on a daily basis? Consider everything from soaps and body washes to lotions and perfumes. Foundations, eye shadows, and lipsticks should also be included in the mix. Are you using tried and true products by choice or are you making decisions to restock based on autopilot? If your beauty regiment has become stale, help is available.

Refresh an Existing Beauty Routine

spring beauty makeover - beautiful happy brunette woman in the park on a warm summer dayOnce you have an idea of what is in your vanity or on your dressing table and how it got there, you are ready to replenish in a more meaningful way. Organic beauty products offer the most benefit to your skin and now come in a variety of formulas that work for virtually every skin type. Even moderate to severe acne can be safely treated without irritating sensitive skin. Exfoliating products will help remove the impurities from the winter months and will refresh your skin to a new and healthy Spring glow.

Renew Your Whole Body

Along with awakening a new beauty program, you may want to consider a complete spa makeover for the Spring season. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage that will ease away the tension and stresses of the workday. Remember to schedule a complete facial before your beauty makeover so your skill will have the youthful appearance that will transform your new look. You will come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you are ready to experience the luxury of a salt room detox or a Spring facial, call the experts at Organic Elements Spa today to schedule your refreshing spa day!