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5 Skincare Gifts for Everyone On Your List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Gift-giving is such an enjoyable tradition. It’s an opportunity to share health, wellbeing, and gratitude with your friends and family.

Just about everyone loves to get pampered – making skincare gifts a delightful choice for every loved on your holiday gift list! At Organic Elements Spa we have a broad selection of natural and organic skincare products and services. Below are our favorite things to give during the holidays.

1. Body Wrap

skincare giftsWhen you think of “skincare” most people think of the face, but your skin needs TLC from the neck down, too! Body wraps are a delicious way to spend a couple of hours pampering every inch.

2. Facial Oil

If you haven’t used facial oil, then you’re totally missing out! Facial oil has boomed in recent years for good reason. It provides an amazing moisture boost and gives the user the elusive glow that everyone is going for. Best of all, it makes your skin healthier over time. There are facial oils for every skin type. Pair this with a tool like a jade roller for a luxe skincare gift.

3. Salt Therapy Session

Do you know someone who has sensitive or easily irritated skin? Perhaps they suffer from an autoimmune condition? Salt therapy is a fabulous treat for anybody, but it’s especially good for those with sensitive skin. A restful session in our salt therapy halochamber provides all the benefits of natural Himalayan salt for the skin and respiratory system. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, it’s a pretty incredible way to spend some time in peace and quiet – perfect for busy parents who can use a break!

4. Lip Treatment

You can never have enough lip balm. Winter is tough on the lips. A lip treatment is a great small gift or stocking stuffer to help protect against the elements. The products we carry are full of natural, good-for-you ingredients and free of trouble ingredients like mineral oil and petroleum.

5. Face Mask

A good face mask will be enjoyed many times over. It’s a little luxury that can be enjoyed at home. We have many types of masks to suit every skin type. A super fun way to give a face mask is to pair make it a part of a makeover gift basket. Better yet, give the gift of your presence and share a spa night as a gift to enjoy the face masks together!

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