Why should I include a toner in my daily regimen?

While most people understand how important it is to use a quality cleanser with the right blend for one’s skin type, many aren’t quite sure what facial skin toner is, what toner does for your skin, and when to use it.  Our staff at Organic Elements Spa created this simple explanation to help you better understand this important part of a healthy skincare regimen.

What are facial toners made of?

Toners have gotten a poor reputation in the past.  Traditionally, most store-brand skin toners contained high concentrations of alcohol with the intention of removing oil and bacteria from the skin to create a healthier complexion.  In reality, applying large amounts of alcohol to your face regularly will dry the skin and encourage oil production.

Today’s facial toners are completely different!  Since cleansers have evolved with better ingredients and formulations for a wide variety of skin types, its no longer necessary to apply a strong astringent to your face.  Instead, modern toners are typically made of non-alcoholic ingredients that provide foundational benefits for your skin.  Our essences and facial mists support the effectiveness of your cleanser by adding replenishing ingredients that benefit your skin’s health.

What does a facial toner do?

Think of your toner as the product you use to prepare your skin for the day.  After a thorough cleansing with a quality product, a toner helps rebalance your skin’s pH and ready it for serum or moisturizer.  Toning completes the cleansing process by conditioning your skin and adding beneficial vitamins and minerals to your complexion.

While some formulations continue to help clear up skin conditions like acne, others provide alternative benefits such as creating deep hydration for dry skin.  In fact, different types of toners will help with a variety of needs including: increasing hydration, soothing damaged or dry skin, fighting oil and bacteria, calming inflammation and redness, or holding back the effects of aging.

When should I use a toner?

Toner should be used twice a day.  Toners are designed to be used in the morning and before bed after cleansing your face.  Consider your cleanser and toner like shampoo and conditioner—both steps help keep your skin healthy.

Choose the right toner for you from Eminence Organic Skin Care.

Our team at Organics Elements Spa would love to talk with you about your skincare needs and help you select just the right products for your skin type.  Here are just a few options for toners:

  • Stone Crop Hydrating Mistskin toner. This is a revitalizing and healing toner for all skin types, particularly uneven skin types.  Use with Sun Defense Minerals to increase your skin’s hydration level and leave it looking smooth and moisturized.
  • Lime Refresh Tonique. This is a refreshing and balancing toner for all skin types, particularly normal to oily skin.  It is rich in vitamin C to tone and balance the skin’s appearance.
  • Soothing Chamomile Tonique. Just as its name implies, this is a soothing and calming toner to use alone or with an enzyme, glycolic and lactic peels for all skin types, particularly normal to oily skin.  Soothing herbs will restore the skin’s balance.

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