Seasonal Allergies and How To Combat Them Naturally

Put Down the Benadryl- Organic Elements Spa has you covered this allergy season

As the trees begin to bud and the weather grows warmer and wetter, Oregon residents and visitors are once again plagued by constant sneezing, runny noses, watery eyes, and postnasal drip. That’s right, it is allergy season. The combination of increased temperatures, precipitation, and humidity create a haven for the growth of common seasonal allergies caused by pollen and mold. Fortunately, there are some great methods to limit your exposure to common allergens in day-to-day life such as:

  • Wash and dry linens, rugs and stuffed animals on high heat to kill dust mites. Do not line-dry anything outdoors to avoid pollen exposure.
  • Dust any problem areas that are especially prone to build up, such as keyboards, laundry rooms, window blinds, bookshelves, and basements.
  • Use your air conditioner or a dehumidifier to regulate the amount of humidity in your home. The ideal amount is 50% or less, according to experts.

At Organic Elements Spa, we have also developed a specialized treatment to combat our community’s allergy symptoms called the Allergy and Sinus Relief Facial. During this treatment, one of our spa professionals uses a natural, non-invasive technique called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage to flush out toxins within the body and stimulate healing and repair. We move the toxins from your face (eyes, nose, sinus canal, cheeks, neck) to your lymphatic system using a specific rhythmic movement created by world-renowned Dr. Vodder in Germany. Your body’s lymphatic system picks it up and naturally get rid of the waste.

Seasonal Allergies and the Lymphatic System

seasonal allergies

When allergens such as pollen, mold spores, and dust mites come into contact with the body, it is the lymphatic system on the front line. It is responsible for detoxifying the body by carrying harmful waste to the lymphatic system. Once these materials reach the lymphatic system, they can be purified and, eventually, filtered out of the body altogether. The lymphatic system is also essential for defending the body against foreign bodies including allergens, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a heart or other mechanism to regulate proper functioning. This makes the lymphatic system extremely susceptible to weakening and toxin build-up.

Organic Elements Spa uses Synergistic Therapy to Manage Your Seasonal Allergies

At the spa, we stimulate the lymphatic system using manual lymph drainage massage in our 60-minute Allergy and Sinus Relief Facial to accelerate the body’s abilities to remove allergens and other toxins naturally. The movements are not unlike what you might expect from a gentle and relaxing massage, but they are done extremely purposefully to aid in the proper function of the lymphatic system.

In addition, a 60-minute facial entitles guests to 30 minutes in our Oasis Club, which features an infrared sauna, a steam room, cold plunge pool, and a Himalayan salt room. We recommend hot/cold therapy because the temperature change will dilate and contract lymph vessels, essentially giving the vessels a “work out.” Himalayan salt inhalation therapy is also extremely beneficial for alleviating breathing issues such as asthma, bronchitis, and COPD.

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