The Pros and Cons Of Salt vs Sugar Scrubs

Manual exfoliation can be one of the best ways to maintain gorgeous skin from head to toe. While there are many scrubbing products on the market, the two most popular choices are salt scrubs and sugar scrubs. Many of us just pick up whichever scrub we see first without pausing to wonder the pros and cons of salt vs sugar scrubs and the difference between the two.


Well, wonder no longer. Here’s everything you need to know about salt vs sugar scrubs.

Sugar Scrubs

The Pro: They’re less abrasive on the skin and preferred to use on the face. Unrefined cane sugar also contains the nutrients calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, which feed and replenishes your skin. Unrefined sugar is more abrasive than table sugar, so you should never use it on your face. Unrefined sugar should only be used on your body.

Sugar scrubs have one significant advantage over salt scrubs, and that’s why they don’t sting. We’ve all accidentally used a salt scrub on freshly shaved legs or on a sunburn, only to feel that familiar sting. This is why those who shave tend to reach for sugar scrubs. Sugar scrubs are recommended for people with sensitive skin.

The Con: They don’t do much for the skin beyond a manual exfoliation

Sugar scrubs act as a manual exfoliant, physically removing dead skin cells and helping you to reveal new, glowing skin. However, don’t look for many other benefits from a sugar scrub. They’re absolutely fabulous for manual exfoliation, but that’s about the only purpose they serve.


Salt Scrubs

The Pro: Not only do salt scrubs manually exfoliate, but they have detoxing benefits as well

Salt scrubs work the same way that sugar scrubs do, in the sense that they work to physically buff away dead skin cells. However, salt scrubs have an added bonus in the fact that salt helps to pull toxins away from the body and ease in anti-inflammation. This is why salt scrubs are so beloved by those who experience muscle soreness from athletic activities and those who are trying to detoxify. Salt scrubs are good for areas of the body that the skin is dryer such as the feet, hands, elbows, and legs. If you’re looking for an amazing spa treatment that eliminates dead skin while restoring and toning your skin, we recommend our Invigorating Salt Scrub.

The Con: Can irritate delicate skin

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between salt vs sugar scrubs, it’s all about you and your unique needs. If you want a product that will offer a gentler manner of exfoliation, go with sugar. However, if you wish to add detoxifying benefits, always opt for salt. Your esthetician can help you with any questions about whether or not a salt scrub will be an appropriate product to include in your body care routine.