Prematurely Age

How Inflammation & Stress Prematurely Age Your Skin

Everybody grows older and they can’t stop the aging process that naturally takes place within our body. However, they can slow it down. One way that people can slow the aging process is by reducing inflammation and stress. The following information will explain how we prematurely age and what you can do to keep this condition under control.

How does inflammation within the body cause stress?

Prematurely AgeWhen a person’s body becomes inflamed it simply is a defense mechanism against pain. This bodily defense mechanism also protects us when we sustain an injury or experience infection. Inflammation is also a warning sign that something is wrong within our body. However, if you constantly have to deal with incidences of reoccurring inflammation; your skin cells will become damaged.

This, in turn, will cause you to look older. Southern Oregon residents might encounter this type of issue. If your body is frequently handling inflammation, then you might have to get yourself examined. We’ll discuss options for dealing with inflammation in a moment.

What does stress do to your body?

If you are a traveler to Southern Oregon or if you’re a local resident, you know that stress can harm your body. Stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine are agents that bring about damage to a person’s system. Sometimes it’s good for the body to be stressed. However, if a person is constantly stressed all the time it will produce a negative effect on their system. This natural body process impacts your respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

Stress causes you to prematurely age by shorting DNA telomeres. Without going into a complex description, shorter DNA telomeres are responsible for the aging process of your cells. In other words, stress will shorten the span of your life by disrupting these components. This is why people who are stressed out tend to live shorter lives.

How to Slow the Aging Process by getting Rid of Inflammation and Reducing Stress

You can slow the aging process by reducing inflammation and reducing stress. There are medications that you can take to reduce inflammation. Various pain medications were designed for that purpose. You can also bath in hot water, eat anti-inflammatory foods and exercise. Massages also work wonders for helping to reduce inflammation.

To get rid of stress, you should find an activity that will allow your body to relax. Listening to soothing music, drawing or watching natural scenes can get rid of stress, or spending a few hours in our Oasis Lounge. You can also get rid of stress by engaging in a stimulating activity, refocusing your mind on something calm. A massage can also help your body to get rid of stress and stay loose.

Remember, you don’t have to look old and worn out because of inflammation and stress. You can manage these conditions and keep your body from prematurely aging. Contact Organic Elements Spa in Medford, Oregon for an appointment. We can help you to get rid of inflammation and stress with are proven treatment services.