This Is a New Year for a New You 

If one of your New Year’s Day resolutions was to take better care of yourself, then you should visit a spa where you can relax, socialize and receive pampering treatments from a professional aesthetician. There are many ways that you can make improvements to your body and face this year. We recommend beginning with a facial to get rid of blemishes or to eliminate dry skin patches. Our aestheticians can perform a microdermabrasion treatment with an organic substance that has tiny granules that will rub away the dry skin on your face or lift sebum from your skin’s pores.

If you have been consuming the wrong types of foods and beverages during the holidays, then you can request a lymph drainage facial that will stimulate your body’s hormone functions, helping to create healthier skin. After your facial skin looks better, we can teach you how to apply makeup products such as eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara optimally so that you will look fashionable this year. In addition to the makeup application training sessions, you can order new makeup products to use at home.

Don’t forget to take care of your body by learning how to relax with Reiki sessions that promote healing, reduce stress and increase energy. Alternatively, you might want to focus on your feet by having a reflexology treatment. A knowledgeable aesthetician can talk to you about your ailments before applying pressure to the soles of your feet in particular zones that correspond to your body’s organs. An organic footbath is another way to remove the toxins from your body before you have an additional spa service such as a customized massage from a certified therapist.

If one of your goals this year is to lose weight, then you may feel discouraged by the dimpled fat on your buttocks, hips, and thighs, but fortunately, we offer a special spa service for this problem. A Synergie Cellulite Massage Body Sculpting treatment is one of the best ways to get rid of the annoying dimpled fat on your body that makes it embarrassing to wear shorts or a swimsuit. You don’t need to undergo surgery to reduce your cellulite because a therapist can perform a special massage with a variety of pressure and stretching techniques. This treatment focuses on the deeper underlying skin tissues, and it will increase your body’s blood circulation, helping your system to eliminate the fat cells that lead to cellulite.

A New Year for a New You Can Begin Today By Calling Us

At Organic Elements Spa in Medford, Oregon, we recommend visting us for a variety of treatments. If this is a new year for a new you, then you can have an assortment of spa services each week. Our aestheticians offer customized or packaged spa treatments for the face and the body. We make it easy to schedule an appointment at our boutique spa with a telephone call to our receptionist at 541-210-9673.