Mustard Bath

Dr. Singh’as Mustard Bath
Traditionally, mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. The hot alkaline water together with mustard assists the largest organ of elimination, the skin, to release impurities.
Dr Shyam Singha well known master acupuncturist, osteopath, naturopath and Ayurvedic physician, recommended his Ayurvedic formula as an aid in relieving many ailments. These include stress, muscle and joint soreness, congestion, skin conditions, periodic tensions and sleeplessness. Use a perfect complements to any purification and tissue cleansing program.
  • The most uplifting and restorative therapeutic bath on the market!
  • Natural therapeutics that soothes, purifies, and relaxes.
  • The warmth of Mustard gently opens pores and assists in the elimination of impurities
  • Certified Organic Mustard Seed Powder
  • No animal testing and nothing artificial
  • Helps eliminate acid waste and balance the PH of the body71gEseXb-YL._SY679_