How to Keep Your Summer Glow

It’s hard to let go of the sexy, sun-kissed summer look as autumn begins approaching. You want to maintain that bronzed beauty for just a bit longer despite the cooling temperatures and return to fashion layers.

As skin care experts, we can guarantee you a healthy golden glow that lives on all year-round by following a few key steps:

Slather On The SPF For Beach Babe Beauty

Just because fall is on the doorstep doesn’t mean you toss the sunscreen away at the end of summer. In fact, your tanned complexion and body need it more than ever. So don’t stop now.

Sunscreen is designed to be protective, but it also keeps the skin’s integrity intact and maintains the collagen you already have. Avoid the damage and uneven skin tone that tanned skin can develop by daily sunscreen application.

Get Your Scrub On For A Lasting Summer Glow

Any skin care professional will tell you that exfoliation plays a major role in keeping that radiant glow. Dead, dry skin cells from the hot summer season accumulate, creating dull complexions that often feature scaly patches, blotchiness, bumps and more.

The ideal facials and exfoliating cleansers can rejuvenate an end of the year tan. Our estheticians recommend those with simple natural ingredients like brown sugar or salt. You can also try a chemical peel that quickly dissolves dull skin cells.

Nighttime Repair Products Nourish A Summer Glow

Moisture is another essential for maintaining your bronze beauty, especially after getting rid of dry. flaky skin cells. Applying a light, hydrating serum like Eminence Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil is perfect before you go to sleep. Cell turnover kicks in during nighttime rest.

The superb nourishing elements of rosehip oil, for instance, keep a smooth, soft skin texture and natural radiance. A few drops mixed into a body moisturizer is effective, and applying a couple of drops to the face and neck is just what thirsty skin desires.

Self-Tan For Safe Supple Bronzing All Year-Round

Maintaining your summer tan beyond the season is easy because self-tanning products are now developed with sophisticated formulas that deliver an even, natural-looking summer glow.

Some of these fake tan products contain melanin-stimulating ingredients that will help boost the tan you’ve got and preserve the color.

You can also add a teaspoon of gradual self-tanner into your favorite moisturizer, and apply it daily to keep up that healthy golden glow.

There are a variety of excellent options we offer clients here at our beautiful and relaxing Organic Elements Spa. Not only can we help you extend that late summer sunkissed glow into autumn and beyond, but we feature amazing organic spa therapies and synergy treatments that create the ultimate smooth, clear, healthy skin for women of all ages.

Make your appointment today, and experience the difference in our incredibly pampering spa treatments delivered by our awesomely skilled estheticians.

Gorgeous skin is available for everyone; we can show you how to achieve it.