Simple Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are an exciting time filled with fun, family, and food. Along with all the yummy desserts like cookies and chocolate comes calories and potential holiday weight gain. Celebrating the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to gain weight and sabotage your attempts at a healthier lifestyle. It’s possible to have a great season without seeing the numbers go up on the scale. Follow these tips to avoid gaining weight this holiday season.


Methods to combat holiday weight gain


Get moving


It’s an obvious but essential tip, get moving. Exercising releases endorphins and sets the mood for the day. Working out in the morning can help you get ready for the day and boost your energy. Studies have shown that women who work out in the morning are less likely to eat sweets during the day and likely to be more active throughout the day. Go for a walk, take a hike, or do your favorite at-home yoga video.


Simple Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Choose foods carefully to prevent holiday weight gain


Holiday parties have a variety of delicious food. Be selective about what you put on your plate and don’t be afraid to indulge a bit as long as you moderate your portion size. Being too strict with yourself leads to cravings which can result in binging on that same food later on. Have a small sliver of that cake, but don’t go back for seconds or decide to sample every food on the table.


Don’t “save” your calories


You might want to cut back meals during the day so you can splurge at night for a big meal, but this is a recipe for disaster. You’ll be so hungry that you’re tempted to indulge in everything and it’s extremely easy to go overboard because you’ve been depriving yourself all day or all week for one meal. Continue to eat healthy throughout the day and focus on foods that are filling such as fruits, vegetables, and protein instead of sugary or salty snacks filled with sugar and sodium.


Send leftovers away


Hosting a party tends to leave you with leftovers. Eliminate the desire to pig out the next day by sending the leftovers home with guests. If the food isn’t there calling your name, there’s no temptation to eat it. Buy some cheap disposable food containers ahead of time and package the food up once you’re all done eating.


Synergie Sculpting


Food isn’t the only way to treat yourself to something enjoyable. Pampering yourself or going to relax at the spa can improve your confidence and allow you to see the results of your efforts. One treatment that can help is our Synergie cellulite and body sculpting treatment. It’s a non-invasive way to reduce cellulite through a massage technology utilizing a vacuum. In just one hour you can lose inches and see your skin tighten.  Results gradually develop after each treatment. A series of 6 treatments is recommended. Although results vary with each individual.


Enjoy your holiday season without the weight. Exercise self-control, treat yourself in other ways and enjoy a bit of pampering. Call today and make an appointment at the spa to get the relaxation you’ve been craving and deserve.