Heat treat herbal wraps

20151223_094913Heat Treats herbal shoulder wraps

Drive Away Aches & Pains with Natural Flaxseed and Lavender Herbal Packs

Heat Treats are the 100% natural way to get the pain relief you need- straight from your microwave.

If you’ve tired of struggling with occasional or chronic pain, give yourself a Heat Treat! Our pain relief wraps contain a special blend of lavender and flaxseed, designed to provide you with long-lasting heat therapy when warmed up in your microwave.

Unlike rice or corn wraps that can lose heat quickly, natural flaxseed retains heat longer, provides soothing moisture and conforms to your body for ultimate comfort. Our unique formula was developed and tested with the help of therapists and gerontologists to ensure you get effective pain relief along with the calming scent of lavender.

Each Heat Treat wrap is hand-crafted  with only the best natural fibers, so you can be sure they’ll feel great against your skin. And customer love our beautiful fabric patterns!

Heat Treats have been hand-crafted with care in Southern Oregon for over 20 years. We take pride in crafting quality products and helping our customers find the right Heat Treat for their specific pain relief needs.

Instead of letting pain ruin another second of your day, melt it away naturally with Heat Treats. Order now and discover what natural pain relief can do for you.

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