You’re keeping your hands clean, but are you keeping them healthy?

How many times have you washed your hands today?  Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s likely more than you can keep track of.  Keeping your hands clean is critical to keeping the virus away, yet frequent washing and the use of hand sanitizer can lead to dry and cracked skin.

Left uncared for, germs, bacteria, and viruses will penetrate those small cracks in your skin.  Adding a quality body lotion or moisturizer to your routine will fill in those cracks, keep your skin healthy, and ensure your skin is a strong barrier against disease.

Don’t all hand lotions basically do the same thing?

No.  Unfortunately, many of the hand creams and lotions in your local drugstore or supermarket contain ingredients that will actually dry your skin even more!  For example, emulsifiers used to mix the oil and water in moisturizers leave a layer of residue on your skin that inhibits your skin’s lipid barrier from keeping moisture in.  Without that layer working properly, moisture evaporates from your skin more rapidly.  Other ingredients such as alcohol, various chemicals, and many fragrances can also create dryness or irritation.

What kind of lotion should I use after washing my hands?

hands clean - hands soft remedyOnce you’ve gotten your hands clean, to keep your skin healthy, we recommend our Mangosteen Body Lotion.  Mangosteen is a tropical superfruit originally found in Southeast Asia filled with antioxidants.  Around the world, mangosteen is known for its ability to help the appearance of skin and minimize the look of environmental stress, all while promoting natural radiance.

Our Mangosteen Body Lotion is formulated with a unique Lactic Acid Complex—a lightweight formula that gently resurfaces to reveal bright, radiant skin.  It absorbs quickly and leaves a soft, satiny finish.

Like all of our Eminence Organics products, our Mangosteen Body Lotion is natural, organic, Biodynamic®, and made of sustainable ingredients with cruelty-free processes.  All of these equal pure and potent ingredients that are high in vitamins, nutrients, and active compounds.

I’m sheltering at home.  How can I get Mangosteen Body Lotion?

We’ve recently made shopping for all of our products including our Mangosteen Body Lotion even easier!  Simply CLICK HERE to visit our online spa boutique on our website.  We’ll ship your order directly to you, or if you’re a local client, we’ll either deliver it to you personally or have it available for curbside pick up.

Have questions about Mangosteen Body Lotion or any of our other products and services?

We are here to serve you remotely!  Just contact us directly at [email protected].  All of us at Organic Elements Spa hope you are safe and healthy at home.