girls day out

Throwing a Party? Book Your Girls Day Out at the Spa!

A spa day is such a wonderful experience. It’s even better when it’s a girls day out and you can experience it with your girlfriends. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a bachelorette party or a birthday, consider these steps when you’re planning the perfect spa day with the girls.

girls day out1. Reach out to get a head count and reservation details.
Reach out to your girlfriends. Make sure that all the women are comfortable with one another. You know the dynamics between friends. Make sure it is an emotionally safe place for all the women you invite. The last experience you want is for a woman to get there and feel deeply uncomfortable because someone else who’s hurt her is in the room. Once you clarify who’s coming, make sure to send them the spa offerings and allow them to choose what they want. Ask them to let you know which treatments they want so that you can relay that information to the spa staff.

2. Confirm with the spa.
Once you’ve solidified dates with the ladies and are clear on the days they’re available, reach out and find out if those dates are free. You’ll want to schedule and confirm this information a few weeks ahead of time. For a girls day out, we offer different specials and discounts as well as private time in our Oasis Lounge.

3. Prepare meal arrangements for the day.
If you’re spending the day at the spa, chances are that you’re going to get hungry in the meantime. Arrange to either get the meals delivered to the spa to enjoy in our Oasis Lounge or find the nearest restaurant to enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a gigantic meal either. If you choose to prepare meals for the ladies, you can prepare sandwiches, drinks, a pasta side dish and a dessert. It doesn’t take a lot to pack and bring along for a full day.

4. Give a parting gift.
When women come together, it’s a time to recharge and relax. There are so many moving parts in a woman’s life. She’s managing her world and serving so many people at the same time. It can be really hard for her to find space for herself. So, when someone takes the time to think of her and consider something she might like, it means a lot. It’s a thoughtful way to end a get-together with the ladies. Choose any really nice gift for all of the ladies. It could be a simple as long-stemmed roses for each of the ladies. You can coordinate with us to hide the roses until it’s time to leave. Chocolates, gift cards or a pair of plush slippers are sweet parting gifts to extend as well.

As you prepare your girls day out, remember the details. The details are so important when you’re planning an event like this because it’s a day that so many women need. As you prepare for your girls day out, consider booking your experience at Organic Elements Spa and your girlfriends will be in good hands!