environmental aging

Is the Environment Aging Your Skin?

environmental agingAging is one of those strange phenomenons that seem to happen virtually overnight. One morning you’re going about your daily routine, cleansing your face in the mirror, and poof, there it is. If you’ve begun to notice some lines on your face or more sunspots than usual, it’s time to talk seriously about how the environment is the #1 culprit aging your skin.

The Environment and Your Skin
We are all susceptible to the natural damage we face daily from our environments. Sun, wind, pollution, and even toxins you’ve never even heard of are relentlessly assaulting your complexion. The environment is really hard on bare skin. Your face goes uncovered all of the time, making it most prone to wrinkles, sunspots and a rougher appearance that it could have.

Skin aging

Internal and External Factors
The age skin really looks is shaped by two things. First, genetics has a lot to do with our internal aging process, but second, extrinsic (external) skin aging happens because of exposure to the environment. This is a very real dilemma. Focusing on physical ways to visually improve the way our skin looks, is the best place to start.

How to Repair Outdoor Damage to Skin
The first step in repairing damage from pollutants and daily outdoor exposure is to schedule a dermatology consult now. An esthetician can assess details not seen in regular light and expertly guide you on steps to take going forward that will help keep skin supple. The skin is a resilient organ and damage can be reversed in many cases. At the spa, your skin will be professionally exfoliated to get rid of dead surface skin that makes your face appear blotchy and unevenly toned.

Treatments for Skin Aging

Facials and organic peels are very useful in reversing the signs of aging. And your Esthetician can recommend a skin care routine for you to continue at home to continue to the aging-reversal process.

The Importance of Hydration and Sunscreen
You know the rules about drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water every day and that you should always wear sunblock when you’ll be spending time outdoors. When not properly hydrated, the body simply cannot get rid of toxins. Since pollutants are continuously absorbed through the skin, conditions like discoloration, premature aging and dryness will always occur. Sunscreen is critical to protecting skin from UVA rays, the ones that cause early aging.

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