Shot of beautiful young girl with dry lips smiling

The Causes of Dry Lips And a Hydrating Lip Care Routine

Dry lips can be unsightly and painful to have. In order to remedy dry lips, it’s important to understand why we can get them.

Why do our lips dry up?

Shot of beautiful young girl with dry lips smilingThe skin on our lips is different than the skin on the rest of our bodies. The skin does not have the ability to create its own moisture and also does not create oil like the rest of our skin does. Signs of dry lips are tightness of the lips, peeling and cracking of the lips, fine lines and swelling.

Some causes of dry lips are petroleum-based lip balms, dry air, the sun, toothpaste and saliva. Petroleum-based lip balms cause a barrier on your lips that does not encourage moisture to get on the lips but rather locks moisture on your lips. Foaming agents of toothpaste can cause dryness and irritation to your lips. Your own saliva can, unfortunately, strip away the protective layer of skin on your lips, leaving them vulnerable to the elements.

Lip Care Routine

In order to rejuvenate your lips, you’ll need a solid care routine just like you do with your skin. It is important to exfoliate your lips, to get rid of dead cells. The removal of dead cells makes room for new healthy cells. Just like with your face, you can apply a lip masque (like Eminence’s Lip Comfort Plumping Masque available at Organic Elements) to encourage moisture and make your lips feel fuller. A natural moisturizer is going to work better than lip balms that you can buy at the convenience store because they will encourage moisture on your lips, instead of locking existing moisture on and blocking any new moisture. To protect your lips, you’ll want to use a balm that has SPF properties. The skin on your lips can be affected negatively to sun exposure just like the skin on the rest of your body, so it’s important to protect it daily.

Making an appointment at Organic Elements Spa today will help you take care of your body and skin. The helpful staff and trusted professionals can help you on your care journey and be able to suggest treatments and products for your skin, your face and even your lips. There are many products available to help rejuvenate your lips, and it can seem daunting to find the exact right products for your needs. Let the professionals at Organic Elements Spa help you pick products tailored to your needs for your lip care routine and skin care goals.