Detoxing with Hydrotherapy

Massage & Hydrotherapy

Receiving massage or bodywork sessions after detoxing in the hydrotherapy spa is an unequaled experience in relaxation and healing. The individual benefits of hydrotherapy and massage are exponentially increased when combined. Hydrotherapy increases the circulation of blood and lymph, which increases waste elimination, and replenishments of nutrients. When heat and cold are alternated, the body’s cells, tissues and systems are opening with heat and closing with cold. This is essentially flushing out the toxins and increasing oxygen in the body. Using the cold plunge after the sauna or steam room mechanically squeezes the toxins out of the body, bringing in vital nutrients and oxygen.

The heat of the saunas also increase relaxation of muscles, softens the skin and underlying fascia, and releases endorphins and other relaxation hormones in the body, triggering the relaxation response. Alternating heat with cold infuses a vitalizing and refreshing aspect to the calming heat. Returning to the heat after a cold plunge deepens the detoxification and relaxation effects.

When you receive a massage or bodywork treatment after hydrotherapy, you have already detoxed your body and brought your body and mind into a state of calm relaxation. This means the massage can accomplish much more, achieving greater release in muscles and fascia, and bringing you into a deeper state of emotional bliss.

​The effects of massage are heightened and increased after hydrotherapy and they also intensify the benefits of hydrotherapy.


How to detox with hydrotherapy

(this protocol assumes you have no health issues and are not pregnant)

Time – 1-4 hours


The ideal way to do a full hydrotherapy detox begins with eating a light, healthy meal about 30-45 minutes before your detox. Beginning with relaxing in our Himalayan Salt room is a great way to tune into yourself, your breath, focus your energy, warm your muscles and open your joints, When you arrive in the spa area, take a cleansing shower with soap. Start your detox with the dry sauna and sit for about 10-15 minutes, drinking water every few minutes. (be careful that metal water bottles do not get too hot to touch). After the dry sauna use the cold plunge once again, this time staying in cold water (60 degrees) for as long as possible (usually about 1 minute). At this point, you may wish to rest in the relaxation room and make sure your heart rate is normal (60-80 BPM) and you are cooled off and hydrated. You might wish to use a loofa in the shower and exfoliate your softened skin. This is a good time to have a salt or sugar scrub to enhance the exfoliation of dead skin cells, which open pores and assists elimination of toxins. The essential oils in the scrubs are able to enter your skin and bloodstream, having a powerful and immediate affect. After your scrub, you will shower and can then enter the steam sauna. Stay about 10-15 minutes in the steam sauna, drinking water all the time. After the sauna, rinse off in the cold plunge once again. Stay hydrated. At this point, you have been detoxing for about an hour. It is good to rest in the relaxation area for at least 10-20 minutes at this time. After about 2 hours, you may need a light snack as detoxing burns a lot of calories and speeds up your metabolism. The only place food is allowed is in the dry area of the lounge. Please keep it simple, light, and not messy or smelly.  After your rest, it is also a good time to use the loofa in the shower if you have not done so already. If this is your first time, you may wish to finish your detox as you build your tolerance. If you are feeling fine and experienced with hydrotherapy and detox, you may start the process once again, this time opting for either the dry or steam sauna, rinsing off in a cold plunge after each visit in the saunas. It is common to spend less time in each facility at this point in the detox process, staying only about 10 minutes at a time. Resting more frequently between heat sources is helpful as well. You may finish whenever you feel you are ready, taking another cleansing shower with soap at the end of your detox. You are now ready for an amazingly relaxing massage or body glow, go grab a healthy and nourishing bite to eat and go home and have the best sleep you’ve had in a long time!


Hydrotherapy Element Benefits

​Dry Sauna

·       Increases body temperature and stimulates sweating – the detox mechanism of eliminating toxins from the body.

·       Simulates a fever in the body which triggers the immune system.

·       Increased heart rate, circulation and metabolism.

·       Targets the deep muscles and organs with a higher, dry temperature.

·       Release of endorphins, stimulating the relaxation response.

Steam Sauna

·       Provides hot steam which is beneficial for the respiratory tract, clearing and opening airways. The use of essential oils in the water increases these benefits, acting as a decongestant. This is especially beneficial for people with conditions such as asthma. It is also a great way for people who live in the dry Colorado climate to hydrate their respiratory tract.

·       Increases body temperature and stimulates sweating – the detox mechanism of eliminating toxins from the body.

·       Simulates a fever in the body which triggers the immune system.

·       Increased heart rate, circulation and metabolism.

·       Targets the skin and superficial muscles and fascia (connective tissue) with a lower temperature and more moisture.

·       Release of endorphins, stimulating the relaxation response.

Cold Plunge

·       Constricts blood vessels, pores and contracts muscles, essentially squeezing blood and lymph out of the system and making room for more oxygenated blood and nutrients to come into the cells, tissues and organs.

·       Reduces inflammation in muscles and joints, reducing pain from sprains or strains.

·       Increases levels of antioxidants.

·       Awakens, rejuvenates and invigorates the mind and emotions by releasing adrenaline.

·       Alternated with heat, the cold plunge produces contrast therapy which is exponentially beneficial, combining the benefits of heat and cold, as well as contrasting endorphins and adrenaline, to assist with a greater and more complete detox and more effective and deep emotional release and state of relaxation.