Creating Balance the Key to Mental Wellness.

These days, we all could use a little more personal care and a little less stress. We’re all willing to invest time and energy into our family, careers and professional pursuits, but for some reason, we have a tendency to neglect our mental wellness and overall sense of happiness.

Investing in your own mental wellness isn’t a waste of time. In fact, it will help you to be a better family member, friend, employee, and student. We understand that not everyone has extra time to devote to relieving stress. Here’s our guide on how to reduce stress, create balance and improve your overall mental wellness, no matter how much time you have.

Minutes to Spare to Boost Mental Wellness

One Minute To Spare: A Quick Aromatherapy Boost

We adore essential oils. We think that they’re one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to resetting your mind and spirit in a pinch. When you’re pressed for time but feeling the effects of stress, take one minute to close your eyes and breathe deeply while inhaling your favorite essential oil or oil blend. Just that one minute a day can make a huge difference.

Ten Minutes To Spare: An At-Home Beauty Ritual

Our facials are the best way to reset your skin and give your overall sense of wellness a serious boost, but we understand that you won’t always have the time to spare to come in and see us. If you need the effects of a facial in a pinch, pick up one of the Eminences Facial-In-A-Bag kits that we carry here at Organic Elements. These beautiful little bundles contain four deluxe samples that will allow you to give yourself a quick facial at home.

One Hour To Spare: An Organic Elements Massage

Our 60 minute customized massage allows you to relax, let go of stress and release muscle tension in one hour. Our talented staff will customize their pressure and speed depending on your personal preferences. If you have a bit more time to spare, you can enjoy our steam room, cold plunge, Himalayan salt room and other amenities to help you sink even deeper into a sense of wellness.

A Few Days A Month To Spare: Join The Oasis Club

Whether you’ve recently transitioned careers and have more free time or have simply decided to devote yourself more to personal care, we warmly invite you to become a member of the Oasis Club at Organic Elements. Not only will you enjoy all of the amenities listed above, but you’ll receive discounts on services and access to our lounge, the perfect place to come and unwind and let go of the stress of the outside world.

Taking care of yourself and relieving stress is essential to your overall happiness, prosperity, and health. No matter how busy your schedule or how many demands are placed upon you, it’s crucial that you make time for personal care. At Organic Elements, we strive to be that port in the storm where you can come to let go of stress and find the sense of wellness within.