Combat Smoke Damage with Eminence’s Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment

Is the smoke getting your skin down?

According to a study done in 2012 by The National Center for Biotechnology, poor air quality has been linked to topical problems like aging; eczema; acne; psoriasis and more. To defend against the negative affects of pollution, Eminence introduced their Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment in 2016.

Nelumbo nucifera (the indian lotus) is primarily used in Asian medicine to help clean human digestive systems. Indian lotus has special proteins that aid in protecting and repairing cells that are under stress. Lotus also absorbs, helps break down and removes heavy metals in your body. Eminence uses these same principles and applies them to skincare. The Indian lotus in this product detoxes your skin from the airborne pollution.

The Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment also contains a microgreens complex (made up of broccoli, radish, clover sprouts, and a detoxing extract from Swiss cress sprouts) that detoxes stressed skin. Microgreens, commonly used as garnishes, contain 4-6 times more nutrients than their large green counterparts.  This product conducts these ingredients to cleanse and protect skin from environmental stressors.

This product also contains Jojoba beads. Jojoba is high in vitamins B and E which fight free radicals and hormonal damage. While Vitamin B improves your skins ability to absorb and retain water, vitamin E aides in regenerating new skin cells: replacing the scarred skin. Vitamin E also lightens scars and dark spots. On top of that, Jojoba helps in issues with sebum and soothes dry, flaky skin as well.

The Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment works well with Eminence’s Stonecrop line and is great for all skin types. Call to schedule your facial and learn how to get the best results!