Boost your immune system

Boost Your Immune System From The Back To School Bugs

Now that school is in full swing for millions of children across the country, many parents are thinking about what they can do to protect themselves from various bugs. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know how to boost your immune system to decrease your susceptibility to a wide range of unwanted conditions. Below you’ll find just a few of many strategies you can implement to boost your immune system:

Getting more sleep will boost your immune system

Numerous research studies have demonstrated that failing to get enough sleep plays an integral role in making people more susceptible to unwanted illnesses. In fact, one study found that individuals who slept less than seven hours per day were three times more susceptible to developing a cold than those who attained eight or more hours of shut eye. As made plain by this study, even one hour of sleep can make a huge difference in your body’s ability to fight disease. With these realities in mind, make sure that you are implementing strategies that help you get a better night’s sleep. Different things work for different people, so be cognizant of what puts your mind and body in a state comparable to nodding off. For some people, it’s counting sheep. Others find reading a boring book to be incredibly helpful. Some find the use of lavender essential oils will help you to relax and fall asleep. Finally, many find that the simple act of getting in bed puts them in the mood for slumber as the mind comes to associate things like soft pillows and a warm mattress with relaxation and sleep.

Diet Optimization

If you’re really serious about boosting your immunity so you don’t have to worry about catching any back to school bugs, focus on optimizing your diet. Specifically, start eating foods that are known to help, not hamper, your immune system. According to Healthline, some of the foods with immunity-boosting power include

Boost your immune system• citrus fruits
• bell peppers
• broccoli
• garlic
• ginger
• spinach
• almonds
• papaya
• kiwi
• sunflower seeds

Utilize Spa Services

One final strategy that can really help with the immune-boosting process is utilizing professional spa services. Organic Elements Spa provides clients with a wide range of treatments that can improve appearance while simultaneously enhancing the immune system. For example, we offer an immune boost package that comes with reflexology. This massage specialty is designed to treat illness and relieve tension by focusing on reflex points on the feet, ears, and scalp. The package also includes a detox footbath with access to infrared sauna, steam room, cold plunge and Himalayan salt room”   The cold plunge helps the body to produce immune fighting cells when done as a hot to cold hydrotherapy.  The cold plunge does provide the most effective flushing as well as natural immunity boosting. The infrared sauna can be a particularly powerful experience as it pulls toxins out at the cellular level. Also, note that the steam room will bring moisture to the lungs and skin. Finally, the salt room provides the body with the minerals it needs to help combat the activity of toxins. Additionally, the professionals at Organic Elements are pleased to provide clients with essential oil blends that detoxify and keep your sinuses clear. This Snow Lotus Essential Oil line is amazing for those who are serious about feeling good and staying disease-free.

Don’t Delay: Start Fighting Viruses Today!

If you’re serious about avoiding viruses and seasonal allergies as the school season picks up, now is the time to implement strategies that will help you avoid all unwanted conditions. You can use some or all of the strategies outlined above to boost immunity. To ensure that you can really optimize your body’s ability to avoid seasonal allergies and other issues, book your appointment with Organic Elements Spa today so that you can attain top notch beauty and wellness services customized to suit your individual needs!