Is Your Skin Feeling Blue from Blue Light?

If you’re like many Americans these days, you are likely spending endless hours in front of your computer either working, shopping, or completing your education.  But did you know that all those hours in front of electronics could be damaging to your skin and eyes?

It’s called blue light and its causing damage that we often don’t realize.  It is simply the type of light rays from the blue end of the light spectrum.  You are exposed to blue light anytime you are near your computer, your flat-screen TV, your mobile phone screen, many light bulbs, and even the sun.  In other words, pretty much all the time!

It’s not all bad!

We need blue light from the sun to feel awake and alive.  Our bodies have an internal clock that regulates our circadian rhythm that influences our internal functions.  It tells our bodies its time to be moving and working!

How does blue light affect you?

One of the most noticeable impacts is poor sleep.  Those who spend several hours in front of a PC or scrolling on their phones before bed tends to have trouble falling or staying asleep.  While the sun may have set hours ago, when your body is exposed to intensive blue light from electronic screens, your circadian rhythm is disrupted and your body thinks its time to be awake.

Interestingly, intense blue light causes eyestrain.  That means, regardless of the time of day, your eyes can become very tired very quickly in front of a screen, while your body is far from being ready to sleep.  The result is a restless state of “can’t sleep, can’t keep my eyes open.”

Just like other forms of radiation are damaging to your skin, so is blue light.  A scientific study conducted in 2018 showed “light emitted from electronic devices on human skin cells, even in case of short exposures, can increase the generation of reactive oxygen species.”  In other words, blue light can cause your skin to age more quickly.

What can you do about blue light?

There are several ways you can protect yourself from the harmful effects.  Here are a few simple ones you can implement immediately:

  1. Discontinue the use of electronic devices for several hours before bedtime. Turn off your mobile phone after dinner.  Relax with a good (and paper) book instead of the latest episode of your favorite TV show.
  2. Adjust the display on your computer and/or your mobile phone. Don’t hesitate to use “night vision” settings during all times of the day.
  3. Use our Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer with SPF 23 daily to improve the look of skin exposed to blue light as well as the sun. Adding this lightweight primer to your daily routine defends your skin from all angles—it protects against UV rays with mineral SPF, helps counteract the downsides of technology use and minimizes the appearance of damage from free radicals.

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