Blue Light Harm

Reduce Your Risk from Blue Light Harm

Between working from home, streaming movies, and keeping up with social media, we are spending more time than ever in front of computer screens.  These devices emit ‘blue light’ which is the common name for the energy on the blue end of the light spectrum—a very high-intensity type of energy that has the ability to cause damage.  Blue light harm doesn’t just come from electronic screens—it’s also an element of everyday sunlight—yet the time many people spend sitting directly in front of a computer screen has now created a level of concern about the damages this radiation can cause on the body.

What does blue light harm?

  1. Blue Light Harm

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    It disturbs sleep patterns. Experts advise people to shut down computers or turn off cell phones in advance of preparing for sleep because of the impact blue light has.  Melatonin is the hormone your body uses to tell your body when to sleep and when to wake.  Blue light suppresses the hormone making it difficult to fall asleep and to wake up refreshed.  Lack of good sleep can lead to other health issues from depression to cardiovascular disease.

  2. It damages the eye. The human eye doesn’t filter out blue light so it travels all the way through to the retina.  The power of the radiation can damage cells causing issues such as macular degeneration.  This is one reason your eyes may feel particularly fatigued after looking at a computer screen for a length of time even though your body remains wide awake.
  3. It stresses the skin. People often miss the harmful effects of blue light on the skin because unlike other radiation damage like sunburn, this radiation has no heat and doesn’t create a burning sensation. As scientists study the impact this energy has on the skin, evidence continues to emerge of damage such as photo-aging, wrinkles, skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation.

What can you do to reduce your risk from blue light harm?

The good news is there are simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of damage to your body.  Here are a few easy ideas:

  1. Limit your screen time particularly when it’s time to rest and relax. Choose an old-fashioned book made of paper, rip out the crossword puzzle from the actual newspaper, or bring out a board game to enjoy and relax with the family.
  2. Use new filter options on your computer monitors and mobile screens. Many devices now offer the ability to change the screen settings to reduce the amount of blue light they emit.  There are also many options for “computer glasses” designed to filter harmful light when looking at monitors.
  3. Choose skin care products developed to protect your skin. Our Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer and Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer from Eminence Organics work together to protect your sensitive skin from harmful radiation including blue light.  Formulated with cocoa seed extract, these products improve the look of skin suffering from blue light stress, protect against UV rays, and minimizes the appearance of damage from free radicals.

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