Your Guide to the Best Spa Treatment for Dry Skin

With winter in full swing, it’s natural to feel your skin changing texture and even color. The change of seasons often brings changes in your body, and since your skin is exposed to so many varying environments it can easily become stressed. Your steamy morning shower, the chilling wind outdoors, your car heater on full blast, the climate-controlled office, and sweating at the gym are all factors that stress your skin. But how do you handle that dull, sensitive, red, or itchy cold weather complexion? With the perfect spa treatment, of course!

Elements of a Thorough Skin Treatment Routine

A complete skin treatment should include a series of purposeful elements – cleansing, exfoliating, toning, treating, and moisturizing. Since the goal is to achieve fully hydrated skin, the cleansing process should start with a cream-based product as opposed to a gel based one. This creates a clean slate for exfoliating your skin. While the exfoliation step seems as though it could be more of an irritant to the skin, it’s imperative that you clear dead, dull, flaky skin that may be taking moisture from other parts of your skin. This sets up your skin perfectly to apply a toner that clears any impurities left, locks in hydration and prepares your pores for the treatment step. Masks are the perfect tools to address your skin concerns like oiliness, dry areas, fine lines, and firmness, to name a few. And lastly, of course, is moisturization! Day creams, night creams, and balms are your best friends during the winter months.

Finding the Best Spa Treatment for Dry Skin

While many people may think skincare is limited to the face and décolleté, your skin obviously covers your entire body. So every area of your skin deserves the same care and attention as the most visible areas. That’s what makes spas wonderful; they have the resources at their fingertips to care for every part of your body. You can get an indulgent facial complete with aromatherapy, state of the art ingredients, innovative tools, and complete customization. But you can use that same care and expertise in tandem with an invigorating and restoring body wrap and scrub to optimize your skin health. Keeping in mind elements of proper skin treatment, it’s clear how vital it is to prepare your skin to receive and absorb moisture. Just applying lotion to dry skin during the winter can only help your skin so much.

Rejuvenate Your Skin at Organic Elements Spa

Ready to take a proactive approach to soothe your irritated winter skin? Come to Organic Elements Spa to find the best spa treatment for dry skin. With an array of knowledgeable, enthusiastic experts and an extensive range of healing, natural scrubs, lotions, creams, and masks, we’ll work with you to tailor a treatment to your specific needs. Call today to learn more about the services that we offer and to book an appointment to achieve the healthy, glowing skin of your dreams.