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Are Infrared Saunas Good For Colds?

Nobody likes getting a cold. A lot of people think there is a cold and flu season in winter, but the truth is that you can get a bad cold any time throughout the year, and they are very annoying. Some people feel so debilitated that they cannot even muster the strength to leave the bed! Well, now you do not need to fret about getting a cold because you can help boost your system to kick it faster.

The Dreaded Cold Virus

The cold virus hits you with no warning. There are no antibiotics that your doctor can prescribe to cure it like they can for the flu or other illnesses, so what can you do? Just wait it out? Maybe take some over-the-counter medicines that have a limited effect? Why not try a non-invasive method?

Infrared saunas have been proven to help fight against colds and help you get through it faster.

infrared saunaThe Magic is in the Heat

When your body is compromised from a virus, your immune system goes into attack mode and tries to attack it with a fever. This basically means all your cells become hot to try and clean out the nasty virus cells. When you sit in an infrared sauna, your internal body temperature skyrockets, and this aids your body by speeding up the aforementioned heating up process. The process of exposing yourself to a hotter than average external surrounding temperature that in turn makes your internal temperature shoot up is known as hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia Healing in Infrared Saunas

Hyperthermia is one of the most effective ways to quickly getting over a cold. A sauna is a quick and easy way to put yourself into hyperthermia in a safe way. There are a multitude of other health benefits while in hyperthermia and these include:

  • Reduces inflammation and makes it easier to breathe which can be difficult when you have a cold
  • Dilates your blood vessels so blood can be transported quickly to your immune system helping your body to heal quicker
  • When heat is introduced to your cells, the powerful T-cells get a boost and these cells help fight off the virus
  • Your brain receives additional oxygen through the increase of breathing power and blood flow

There is No Reason to Let a Cold Keep You Down

There is really no reason to put your life on pause while you are sick with a cold. Infrared sauna therapy can work wonders for your body and eliminate the cold virus much more quickly than with questionable over-the-counter meds. Hyperthermia is a safe and effective remedy for optimal health.

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