Amazing Maternity Massage Pillow

Are you or a loved one expecting a little bundle of joy? And have been in pain and dreaming of the days you could lay on your stomach? Our Maternity Massages include the Earthlite Pregnancy Massage Pillow, which is a proven unique support cushion for any stage of pregnancy and anyone who can’t lie comfortably on their stomach. Its patented design is also great for clients who have recently had breast surgery or suffer from lower back problems. out of CFC-free urethane foam and Natursoft™ Upholstery for exceptional comfort and support.

Carrying a baby is hard work. Pregnancy massage can provide you with the relief you deserve. One of the most beneficial times for massage may be during pregnancy. A relaxing Swedish massage during pregnancy will help to increase circulation, ease tired muscles, reduce formation of scar tissue, reduce edema, improve sleep and expedite pre-pregnancy weight.

*When you book please let us know how far along you are. We have the ability to let you lay face down and will need to know to prepare.

  • 60 Minutes $89
  • 90 Minutes $129