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A Natural Way to Fight Sinus Pressure and Allergies

Organic Elements Spa Offers Therapy to Help With Seasonal Allergy Problems

As the pollen counts rise, so do the number of Rogue Valley residents with itchy, watery eyes, stuffed and running noses, and sinus pressure. Researchers believe that over 50 million people in the United States are affected by seasonal allergies each year, causing missed time at work and school, costing millions of dollars in healthcare. Organic Elements Spa in Medford Oregon has a solution to seasonal allergies.

With their customized 105-minute Allergy Relief Treatment, their clients are able to breathe again, feel clearer and less stuffy.

The Allergy Relief Treatment starts with a 60 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle manual treatment technique designed to manipulate the lymphatic system with the goal of promoting the flow of lymph. This, in turn, is decongesting – drawing mucus away from the head and allowing it to be removed naturally from the body. Reflexology is incorporated to calm the nervous system by stimulating reflex points while supporting overall wellness and sinus drainage.

The second stop in the Allergy Relief Treatment is a Detoxifying Footbath. The Ion Detox foot bath helps to improve overall health while detoxing the body of chemicals and toxins and rebalancing energy.

Finally, clients spend 15 minutes in the Himalayan salt room providing a tranquil, therapeutic experience releasing 84 minerals that combat pollutants and pollens in the lungs and sinuses.

This unique Allergy Relief Treatment is available at Organic Elements Spa in Medford Oregon. For More Information on how Allergy Relief Treatments can help, visit

About Organic Elements Spa:   Organic Elements Spa is Medford only Organic Spa. Owner Tamara Miller has over 20 years of expert experience in skin care wellness. Her vast Education skills include a scholarship from Montage Laguna Beach (ASTECC an 18-month certification), Esthetics degree from Golden West College in Huntington Beach and has multiple additional training including the exclusive Dr. Vodder’s School from Germany. Her unequivocal skills resulted in Montage Master Award in 2005, “In recognition of the outstanding contributions and exceptional work performance that a master exemplifies…” the highest honor from Montage resorts.