Acne Face Map

Acne Face Map: What Are Your Breakouts Telling You?

When you are experiencing frequent skin blemishes, you should determine what is causing the problem. An acne face map can help you understand how to overcome the problems from blackheads or pimples. Here are some of the ways that face mapping at a spa is helpful for improving the appearance of your facial skin.

Three Causes of Facial Skin Blemishes

Acne Face MapWay 1: Jawline Blemishes

Do you have blemishes along your jawline? This is often caused by the bad habit of resting you face on your hands while you are sitting at a desk while using a computer. Try to notice if you do this with one or both of your hands. The skin oils and bacteria from your hands can transfer easily into your skin’s pores, leading to infectious papules. There are two ways to overcome this issue, so you can stop resting your head in your hands, or alternatively, you can wash your hands often to eliminate any pathogens that can transfer to your face.

Way 2: Forehead Blemishes

When you primarily have blemishes on your forehead, it is possible that you are having an allergic reaction to hair care products that can include shampoos or conditioners. You may also wear hats or scarves that touch your forehead, leaving behind an assortment of debris that infects your skin’s pores. Try changing to different hair care products to keep your hair clean and free of oils, but also, you should wash your scarves or hats.

Way 3: Cheek Blemishes

The blemishes on your cheeks are often caused by the changes in your hormone levels, and this is why teenagers often have pimples and blackheads. Women who are pregnant or using oral contraceptives are also more likely to have blemishes on the facial cheeks. Females who are in the perimenopause stage of life may also notice problems with the skin as the hormone levels are adjusting. An additional thing to consider if you wear eyeglasses that are dirty, then the frames can rub against your cheeks, causing ugly blemishes.

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